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Innovative, reliable, secure. We deliver real business results for your virtual computing world.

We make it easy to deploy and manage thin client solutions whether you're near or far.

Switching to thin clients from standard PC environment is an IT investment that both small businesses and large enterprises are moving towards for both security and financial benefits. Organisations need to decide whether thin clients should replace traditional desktop PCs and if so, which solution fits best with the needs of the organisation.  Future Generation Solutions have helped many organisations with their Thin Client strategy.

Users are demanding anytime, anywhere access to data. And you need to keep your data secure. All while keeping costs down. Thin clients are the ideal solution for your operation if you're concerned about the cost of PC replacement, data access and security. And keeping everyone happy with software support on all kinds of hardware.

The most compelling advantage of using thin clients is to cut costs. However, Server Based Computing offers many other benefits beyond simply saving costs:

Worldwide access to work files and enterprise applications

Reduced administration and end user support

Adding or replacing thin clients is far easier

Increased reliability

Lessens the risk of data theft

Disaster recovery

Lower power consumption

Reduce capital expense on computer hardware

Easy licensing management and conformance to legal requirements

Reduce capital expense on computer hardware

Not only does this minimize the risk of information leaks, it also enables centralized management of multiple terminals, thus reducing operational costs. Greenthinpc’s thin client system brings you tremendous growth opportunities.

Enhanced data security - All data is securely stored on a server to reduce the risk of data loss by end-users.

Efficient centralized management - Installation of software and patches is performed in batch on the server by a single administrator


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