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thin client Computer Lab, you are sure of a very low maintenance lab for your computers.  There is only one CPU or system unit in the network that uses Thin Client.  The one CPU is called the Server.   All the software packages to be used in the lab are installed on the Server.  Just as you can see below, the Thin Client is a small box attached to the back of the monitor.  It serves as the connection between the student (user) and the server.  

As in the normal network system, you don't need CPU beside every user.  You don't need UPS on every workstation.  All that is needed is just one UPS which should be attached to the Server computer.  Once lights go off, the user cannot loose any job.   As the light comes back, the thin Clients automatically connect and retain theircontents without loss.

The system means that if a computer lab is to have 30 computers, the thin client system will eliminate the need for 30 system units.  All that is needed is one system unit!  Hence the low maintenance cost.


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