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Vdcalss Management Software for Thin Client G4

2019 Latest thin client G4 Design for Computer Lab/Laboratory/Call Center/SME industrial.

1* It delivers Real PCs User experience

2* Simple Deployment.Friendly User Interface

3* Fast and Stable Working Performance.

4* Durable and High Quality

5* Save up to more than 70% TCO

6* One  Server Connected with more than 40 Thin client G4 for play HD Video in Full Screen

8* Rich Teaching/Manage Functions: Remote Controal/Monitoring/Settings/Desktop broadcast/Send message etc...

VDclass Management Software Introduction Video


Contact: Amy zeng

Phone: +8615989483512

Tel: +8618923483226


Add: Room B504,Shengshi Hualian Mansion,Fucheng Street Office,Guanlan,Longhua district,Shenzhen,Guangdong,China

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