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About Industrial Fanless Mini PC

Industrial Mini PC

Industrial PCs are excelent in environments dominated by dust, dirt and moisture. They are ideal for applications that require quiet operation. Small and reliable MiniPC use of heat-pipe technology and aluminum fans for passive cooling.

Industrial Computer Fanless Model is a series of devices for industrial applications requiring continuous operation - 24 hours, 7 days a week.

Housing is made of high quality aluminum what ensures a very high resistance to mechanical damages. It can work under extreme conditions such as heat, cold, vibration.

Using the latest technology Digital Engine (industrial fanless MiniPC) is designed for continuous multitasking operating with low power consumption.

An important advantage is the effective combination of small size with considerable opportunities through the use of Intel's processor family, Intel chipset and DDR3 /DDR4 memory. Integrated Intel HD Graphics  video and audio Realtek ALC662 allow you to play a wide range of applications andmedia files (video, audio) - in Full HD quality. 




Aviation information: airport dynamic information display, query, monitoring management system, etc.;

Vehicle applications: on-board computers, car media playback, vehicle field equipment, etc.;

Special applications: special environmental electronic equipment, harsh environment computers, low-radiation anti-electromagnetic interference equipment, ruggedized computers, etc.;

Mechanical equipment: reflow soldering, wave soldering, spectroscopic machine, spark machine, textile machinery, packaging machinery, binding machine, armoring machine, etc.;

Financial system: ATM machine, POS machine, lottery machine, large entertainment equipment, self-service inquiry terminal, etc.;

Zhitong Transportation: highway toll collection, traffic light monitoring, automatic speeding capture, etc.;

Video surveillance: building hard disk video recording, bank monitoring, coal mining underground video surveillance, bus video recording system

Communication equipment: short-term platform, billing system, program-controlled switch, etc.;

Network equipment: firewall, intrusion detection system, VPN system, antivirus system, router, network server, etc.;

Control system: automatic control system such as distributed control system, machine control, motion control, vision system, water treatment system, etc.

Power equipment: power monitoring, power dispatching, remote meter reading, etc.;

Medical equipment: Monitors, diagnostic instruments, medical devices, etc. Internet of Things: smart home, smart buildings, smart medical, etc.



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